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Our email blast list is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about BCDA activities or who wants to keep abreast of issues affecting our local community, the State of West Virginia, and our nation. Notices of upcoming meetings and activist events are distributed by email. Democratic candidates and public officials often use our email list to communicate to our members and stakeholders.​ We look forward to

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Membership is open to allregistered Democrats in Berkeley County, West Virginia. 

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Dues are ten dollars ($10) per calendar year. To pay your annual membership dues, please click HERE!

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Lifetime membership is open to any member for one hundred dollars ($100). To become a Lifetime Member, please click  HERE!

Membership Rights

Members are authorized to vote on any business presented to the membership by the Board of Directors and to contribute to the BCDA Platform and Strategic Plan. Members of one year or longer are eligible for election to the Board of Directors and to officer positions.