On the National Scene…

The students of Parkland, Florida have led the way into gun control debate!

The record number of women running in Democratic primaries

will likely outperform their Republican peers

by Phillip Bump, The Washington Post

The number of women running for the Senate isn’t a record; that was set in 2016 at 40. Nonetheless, 13 Republican women and 17 Democratic women have declared their candidacies. Of the 20 states that haven’t had a woman serve as senator, eight voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 while 12 backed Donald Trump. That’s 40 percent of each group: 40 percent of Clinton states and 40 percent of Trump states. Read the article and view some interesting charts!

Job growth slowed in March. What does that mean for the economy?
The economy added 103,000 jobs last month, fewer than economists had expected and

the lowest monthly total since last September.

by Daniel Bush, for PBS